Mark Martin

Ghosts of the Revolution

The women and men who fought in the Mexican Revolution around 1910. I chose this image
to highlight how women fought equally with men in the struggle for rights.

Soldado With Moons

3 wood panels with aerosol and collage, 2016. Dapper soldado shows up again this time with
silver moons and magical abstract design on the right side.

Bindi Zapata

Collage, aerosol paint, on wood panel, 2013. Square panel of Emiliano Zapata with maize
and a bindi dot to represent the universality of his ideals. 2-6 inch panels of mixed media
collage of hands represent magic of reality.

Soldadera Con Corazon

Honoring unknown women soldiers of the Mexican Revolution.

Let Fredom Ring!

Digital poster of Martin Luther King exhorting people to work for freedom.

Mujer Con Jug

Oiler Woman

Digital poster of oil rag woman at rest after oiling a locomotive engine.

Skeptical May

May is dreaming of the Golden Race, La Raza is a collage about dreams both during sleep and
dreams for the future. Collage with spray paint on canvas.


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