Zapata & Revolution

While involved in the 99% movement, I made stickers and banners to promote social justice. During that time I started to question my studio art making because I wanted my art to reflect my beliefs. I decided to search for a revolution that was mostly successful and with which people could relate. I chose the Mexican Revolution of 1910 to 1917. My spouse is Latina and she is my inspiration for this continuing series.

Fantastic Zapata – 48″x30″, Ghostly image in abstract forms with silver paint, acrylic, and varnish in spots.

Portrait of Emiliano Zapata Tiger of the Southern Mexican Revolution.

Bindi Zapata12”x16”, collage, aerosol paint, on wood panel, 2013

Square panel of Emiliano Zapata with maize and a bindi dot to represent the universality of his ideals. 2-6 inch panels of mixed media collage of hands represent magic of reality.

Soldado with Moons – 12×18”, 3 wood panels with aerosol and collage, 2016

Dapper soldado shows up again this time with silver moons and magical abstract design on the right side.

Soldadera con Corazon- 16×20

Unknown Soldadera from Mexican Revolution. Showing the strength of women who fought with and often led men into battle for social and economic justice.

Soldadera – 36″x48″, Aerosol paint, acrylic, and lace on canvas.

Honoring strong women everywhere. Image of Soldadera from Mexican Revolution in colors of Mexican Flag.

Unknown Soldadera (full-length version) – 18×24”, Collage and acrylic on canvas, 2017, SOLD

Painting version of Soldadera. I chose this image to honor the unknown women who participated in the Mexican Revolution and all the strong women in the world. The colors are symbolic of the Mexican flag, but with the red being an earthy color to commemorate the closeness of the people to the land.

Nighttime Zapata – 12×12”, spray paint and collage on canvas, 2015

Close up of Emiliano Zapata, smaller collage elements with gold spray paint symbolizing La Raza de Oro.

Origami Soldado – 6×6”, collage of screen printed elements on panel, 2017 . SOLD

Dapper soldado image. Created image using multiple screen prints on origami paper then cut and collaged to make a single image. Very bright and colorful.

Zapata Dreams4×4’, Collage, spray paint on canvas, 2015

My first large Zapata. Taken from a picture of him standing in full gear. Silver spray paint coming off his head symbolizes his spirit transcending int the ether. Magic elements with hands on the right.

De La O’s Decision (sold) – 24”x30”, collage, aerosol paint, found paper on wood panel, 2015.

Genevevo De La O, hero of the Southern revolution in Mexico, went against Zapata’s orders and decided to execute Pacheco for treason.

Dapper Soldado – 18×24”, collage, mixed media, 2015

Unknown soldado from the Mexican Revolution. I thought though he looked a little bedraggled that he was also dapper. Silver leaf elements on bandolero.

Dapper Soldado – 24″x30″’, Oil on canvas.

Soldero of the Mexican Revolution. Heavy impasto oil paint with areas of think glazed stars in a night sky.

Heart of Claudette– 21 ½”x26 ½”x2 ¾”, Mixed media, aerosol paint, collage paper on wood panel.

Strong woman soldier of the Mexican Revolution with magic abstract elements. Colorful and high contrast. Handmade gold shadow box frame.

Soldado Sunrise – 33″x27”, Mixed media collage, acrylic, aerosol paint, and paper on wood panel.

Bright sunrise colors blending to pre-dawn blues. Background has image of dawn firing squad on one side and women baking morning bread in communal oven.

Bindi Blue Zapata – 6”x6” w/o frame, collage, aerosol paint, on wood panel, 2013

Emiliano Zapata with maize and a bindi dot to represent the universality of his ideals.

Yellow Page Hombre – 24″x24″’, Mixed media, yellow pages, aerosol paint, acrylic, on wood panel.

Image from Otis Aultman Collection, El Paso Public Library. Strong dude of the Mexican Revolution.

Ghost Soldado – 2’x2’, collage aerosol paint, on wood panel, 2015.

Taken from photo of an unknown soldier of the Mexican Revolution. In remembrance of all the people who fought to create a better life for their families.

Genevevo – 48″x48″, Mixed media collage on wood panel.

Genevevo de La O, hero of the Southern revolution was one of Zapata’s generals. He focused on doing right by his people. He lived a long life of service to his region.

Golden Hombre – 24″x32″, Mixed Media on Canvas

He is tough Hombre who has seen battle in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. His face is metal gold because he is of the La Raza, the Golden Race. The 3 separate panels at the bottom symbolize the magic realism on which his world stands.

Ghost of Zapata – 12″x16″, Mixed Media on Canvas

In honor of Emiliano Zapata the leader of the Southern Mexican Revolution. Nicknamed Tiger of the South he led his soldiers in a fight for land rights for the common agricultural workers. The piece emphasizes maize (corn) because it was their staple food at a time when large landowners where stealing land to grow more sugar cane for export. The various symbols in the work show the magical realm of our universe where we are all one.

Ghosts of Revolution – 36″x48″, Mixed media collage on canvas.

About the women and men who fought in the Mexican Revolution around 1910. I chose this image to highlight how women fought equally with men in the struggle for rights.

Mujer Con Jug

Muy Cansado – 36″x60″’, Mixed media, paper collage, aerosol paint, acrylic on 4 canvases.

Emiliano Zapata feeling tired from leading the Southern Mexican Revolution. Main color is Red with peacock colors ascending.

Woman with Stars – 18″x24″’, Collage, acrylic, and spray paint on wood panel. Bright colors.

Soldadera from Mexican Revolution around 1910. Depicting strong women. Hands represent her being pulled in different directions considering her choices to fight in a revolution for a better future or to raise her children. She has a kind but serious face.

Mark MartinZapata & Revolution